Canal gives record $1.703 billion to State

Jorge Luis Quijano

472Views 3Comments Posted 14/12/2018

A record  $1.703 billion contribution to the State, by  The  Panama Canal Authority (ACP), was approved by the Board of Directors on Thursday, December 13.

"It was a year of many challenges that could be overcome with a growth in tonnage," said administrator Jorge Luis Quijano,

The contribution comes from  $1.199 billion of surplus for the fiscal year 2018, which closed on September 30, plus  $502  million of transit tonnage and more than  $2 million for services rendered to the Canal.

The figure represents an increase of $44 million compared to the budgeted contribution and was an increase of  $53 million on the previous contribution.

Comments 3


For certain it will be embezzled before the check ever arrives in the treasury. It is the only real skill the Panamanian politicos have...

6 months ago
Ancon Harpy

Wonderful news. This should put an end to vandalized schools with leaky roofs come March. And the pensioners will be able to get a respectable monthly increase after all... Keep dreaming.

6 months ago
Richard Charron

An extra 44 million for the budget. Wonder how long it will take them to find a way to spend or steal it.

6 months ago
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