Canal Authority staff face road rage probe

Car under attack

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A street brawl following a traffic incident that saw a car vandalized and left a woman lying on the ground after a karate kick was videoed and spread on social networks on Saturday, December 8.

The confrontation was on Avenida 12 de Octubre and involved the drivers of two vehicles.

At  a  Public Ministry a hearing three people were  charged with  damage to the victim's vehicle, two of whom work in for the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) and  are facing an “administrative investigation.”

The case of aggression against women will be taken to a justice of the peace say  judicial authorities

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Ramona Rhoades

We live on the road to Cocoli/Canal new locks and Aeronaval. I can tell you that neither pays little attention to traffic laws. The Canal workers speed, cut around sometimes causing us to pull off the road to void in-coming traffic. The Aeronaval rarely stop at the stop sign when exiting the gate to the Aeronaval station. I have had to slam on my breaks too keep from hitting the, as they zoom out as soon as they clear the guard at the gate. I have seen multiple Policia cars with no tail light only one, one headlamp not working, speeding (not with siren or lights, just speeding, cutting in and out of traffic, not stopping at lights or stop signs, just forging ahead and causing you to slam on the brakes to keep from hitting them. Offical use cars are even worse. And every day we see cars with at least 2 year old placas. Some with none. Cars in terrible condition that can hardly drive in a straight line. No lights, bad brakes, no or only one light, no tail lights. Stop signs are just a suggestion to them and Red Traffic lights only a slightly stronger suggestion. When the police and official cars don't obey the law, how do they expect the citizens to obey them?

6 months ago
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