Blood pressure again delays ex-presidents criminal hearing

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The  court hearing of former President Ricardo Martinelli, to reveal the evidence admitted in the case of illegal electronic  snooping  on political rivals, journalists and businessmen during his last two years in office has been delayed once again, and once again due to hypertension

The hearing was suspended on Monday , November  22  after  a recess  when  Martinelli was with his lawyers  and first aid personnel   recorded an increase  in his  blood pressure  on a day when  the  Judge of Guarantees, Jerónimo Mejía, was delivering  a long list of prosecution  testimonial evidence that he was admitting, and a longer list of defense  evidence he had rejected.  It was also the day that the ex-president got the news that his two fugitive sons had been arrested in Miami and were behind bars awaiting a court hearing, prior to extradition.

His lawyers called for his removal to a private hospital, claiming that the last time he was taken to the Santo Tomas public hospital,  he received inadequate treatment before being discharged back to El Renacer prison, his home since June 11.

But the judge ordered him to  Santo Tomas for evaluation and set the resumption of the hearing  For  Thursday, November 22.

Dr. Jorge Gómez, in  the hospital the emergency room of gave Martinelli an incapacity from 10 pm on November 21 until 11:59 pm, on November 23  so on Thursday. Wednesday, Judge Mejía changed the resumption date to Monday, November 26 giving Martinelli and his legal team time to reflect that of the 28  defense testimonial evidence, he admitted 22 and refused 6. While the documentary evidence, he admitted 33 and rejected 54.

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I wonder if Martinelli has stopped taking his bp medication? Of course the fact that his two sons are now in custody no doubt adds to his stress.

6 months ago
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