Ruben Blades warns against stay at home voters

Ruben Blades

GRAMMY  award winner, singer and actor, former  Panama Tourism Minister, and  possible presidential candidate Rubén Blades, has issued a warning to Panama voters  to think hard before deciding  on whether  or not to vote in the 2019 elections

“You have to be careful  because it is absenteeism that has led, for example to Donald  Trump in the White House, “he said in an interview with the Efe news agency

“Let us remember Hitler, who won the popular vote. We must be careful about what we vote for,” he said.

“When we complain about politicians, we forget that it was us who put them there, with our vote or no  vote, but it is more important not to forget that they are situations that can change, warns Blades who is considering the possibility of repeating as a candidate for the presidency of his country, as he did in 1994.

The actor, who recently promoted in Madrid the television series in which he is  working, “Fear The Walking Dead “, Blades says   the TV series  reveals  how people resist the zombie apocalypse that the production narrates , and there is a great parallel between the script and what is happening in the world, in Syria, and Iraq, the famines of Africa, the manifestations of racism and xenophobia, These real problems are very reminiscent of what happens in ‘Fear The Walking Dead ‘, there is no water, no food, people are attacked by groups that hate them,”

Changing the future requires “people who regain the capacity to be supportive and who want to participate in choosing the right thing; Our main problem today is the lack of trust in our strength”  It also requires “real leadership,” because “people do not know how to react to certain situations. ”

“It’s a serious problem that I think is solved more easily in smaller societies. “I have a lot of faith in Panama, because we are still only four million.

“I believe very much in the future of Panama, but I do not know if I will participate in the electoral process for the Presidency because you have to think how to finance an independent campaign.”

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