Backpack of missing tourists found with money and cell phones

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THE FIRST clue to the disappearance of two young Dutch tourists who went missing from on April 1, has surfaced.


A backpack contained two cell phones, $83 in cash and clothing belonging to Kriss Kremers and Lisanne Froon, who were staying in Boquete, has been found.

According to reports, it also held Froon's European Union passport.
The backpack was located Wednesday Jun1 11 by indigenous residents in the sector of Altos del Romero in Changuinola.
After finding the bag and its belongings, they walked to Boquete to turn it over to authorities.
On Thursday, officials went to the site where it was found to search for additional clues. Prosecutor Betzaida Pittí arrived on the scene on Friday
On her return, Pitti said that the finding of the backpack definitely proved that the women were hiking on El Pianista when they went missing, as had been previously thought.
A specially-trained group of rescuers will search the area Monday, reports La Prensa

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