An end to Bosco frolics on the Cinta Costera?

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Residents of the area near the Cinta Costera breathed a sigh of relief midweek at what appears to be “divine intervention “ to end noise pollution on the Cinta Costera.

Public Works Minister Federico Suarez said he he believes in "divine warning" and that Sunday’s overturned bus on the coastal strip provided just that.
He has decided that there will be no more mass promotions on the area.
Mayor Bosco Vallarino who brought the Christmas noise fest to the area, was at the scene of the accident and murmured that it would have been a disaster if the bus had fallen on people. A few hours later a big crowd arrived for a commercialized TV promotion.
Residents have been mobilizing to create a petition objecting to the use of the strip for Sunday afternoon promotions.
Stages and giant speakers have been set up opposite the Childrens and San Tomas hospitals, whose bordering streets carry signs warning against noise.
Said one resident, living two blocks from the strip: “Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. We were told that the Cinta Costera was to be a green area for relaxing, bicycling, walking, or exercising, not for a public fair ground.”
Others as far away as Casco Viejo have complained of the noise levels.
They will be anxiously awaiting next Sunday afternoon, to see if the prohibition on mass promotions will be enforced.


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