ALERT: 22 hit by H1N1 virus, 2nd death

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A 58-YEAR-OLD  woman became the second person to die in Panama within a week from the AH1N1 virus. and  22 others are infected, two of them in intensive care.

The dead woman who had  a history of heart disease and asthma, died late Sunday January 17.

The two patients in intensive care  are  a baby of nine months and a  57 year-old man.

The information was confirmed by Omaira Ferguson   head of Epidemiology of the Ministry of Health (MoH)in  Chiriqui,.

She said  that most cases of H1N1 influenza-like illness are being monitored and managed according to epidemiological regulations.

Ferguson said most of the cases are people from the district of Baru, in the areas of Progreso, Puerto Armuelles.

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