Air China starting Panama flights in March

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AIR CHINA  will begin flights to Panama in just four months time says Cai JianJiang, president of the National Aviation Company.

He passed the news, to President Juan Carlos Varela, during the current Panama political and trade mission to the People's Republic of China. It comes after the signing of an aviation agreement between the two countries.

Panama’s Foreign Ministry said that there will be two flights a week from Beijing, which will connect with Panama via Houston, Texas.

Air China is one of the main Chinese airlines, which has also reported on that it will establish regional offices in Panama, " said the Ministry.

The aviation agreement, which was signed by Isabel de Saint Malo Alvarado Panama Vice President and Chancellor, , and the Civil Aviation Administrator of China, Feng Zhenglin, grants traffic rights to open flights to and from Panama and the People's Republic of China, "laying the groundwork for any designated airline to institute  cooperative marketing agreements. "

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Air China will not have rights to carry passengers IAH-PTY-PTY. Only those flying from/to China will be.

4 years ago

I´m totally agree.

4 years ago

Good news for us Houston travelers. United needs some competition.

4 years ago
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