Admin Attorney General backs airport boss ouster

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WHILE PRESIDENT Varela has backed away from replacing Carlos Duboy, manager of Tocumen, S.A, in spite of calls from civil society and Transparency  International.   The  Administration Attorney General of the Administration, Rigoberto González, has recommended his removal.

Duboy, the current treasurer of the ruling Panamenista party admitted on Monday that he requested a donation from the Odebrecht construction company in 2008.

According to the prosecutor, although Duboy is not appointed within the central government if he is in charge of a State society there could be a conflict of interest since the Odebrecht company

develops the airport expansion project. He added that Duboy can apply the Code of Ethics of the officials. "Faced with that, the minimum that one has to do ethically is to separate from the position so as not to tarnish and not leave in question his performance, however laudable, "said Gonzalez.

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