A time for “historical judgments – new Supreme Court President

The time has come to dare to make "historical judgments” said the newly elected president of the Supreme Court, Aníbal Salas on Monday Jan 4.

The same day, new judges José Abel Almengor and Alejandro Moncada Luna, controversial appointees of President Ricardo Matinellei were sworn into office at a ceremony at the Presedential Palace.
Salas was elected with votes from the two new justices, and by Winston Spadafora, Alberto Cigarruista and Victor Benavides.
The outgoing president of the court, Harley Mitchell abstained, along with Oydén Ortega, and Jerome Mejía.
Cigarruista was named vice president of the court and president of the Civil Chamber, while Spadafora will head the Board of Legal Administration.
Salas will also preside over the Criminal Court.
He  said that one of the main challenges would be to maintain transparency in the judiciary, because "you must demonstrate the indomitable will of wanting to improve
"We must stop blaming others for the shortcomings of our system, not that it is bad to be criticized by others but we must learn to criticize ourselves and see inside."