A lust for power

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On the same day a Newsroom columnist commented on the hunger for power. exhibited by currently jailed former president Ricardo Martinelli,  The  La Prensa political cartoonist  Low worked on the same subject. As his ambitions move from running for deputy to being a vice-presidential candidate.,he seeks support signatures from his home in El Renacer  prison

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George Klk

PANAMA | MARTINELLI LITTLE CELLI ((prison cell)) TO THE AYUDA PRADO Panama 150 wire tap victims personal lives were exposed. Panama Supreme Court Justice had overwhelming evidence. AYUDA PRADO from the lower court released him waiting for his chance. Panama Martinelli plots his next move...AYUDA PRADO will release him, again. AYUDA PRADO will release Marinelli's sons waiting for their chance. Martinelli released hundreds of prisoners during his term. Martinelli gets signed autographs from his prison friends for his votes. Martinelli could see [ALL] this as he planned his guaranteed FREEDOM! Martinelli could see [ALL] of Panama under his control. Martinelli could do [ALL] this as AYUDA PRADO waits his chance...(opportunity). Martinelli must target the COMPTROLLER GENERAL...oh no...mierda! / shit! Comptroller General may soon meet...MARTINELLI!!!...oh no...mierda! / shit! NATIONAL ASSEMBLY will soon get all the $BILLIONS$ they want! Martinelli will soon know [ALL] of Panamanians privacies and earnings $$$. You have a problem with that? Panamanians will go to their Martinelli celli. -->[ MARTINELLI'S HENCHMEN ARE ALIVE AND WELL! ]<-- Martinelli...the boss...suit case packed with CASH$$$. Thank you Panama, but that is MY MONEY! Don't worry, Panamanians will get their free hams again soon!

6 months ago
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