Probe continues as 70 charged in Odebrecht bribery scandal

Tania Sterling

341Views 1Comments Posted 17/11/2018

With 70 people already charged in the Odebrecht bribery scandal in Panama, the special Anticorruption prosecutor Tania Sterling has requested patience in the investigations of corruption that involve the company.

She told TVN on Saturday that in the coming days a report will be rendered on the investigations that have been made and are still continuing.

She  assured that the file has not been paralyzed and because of the situation where a large number of people are involved, the Public Ministry has not stopped working."

Sterling said  that so far about 70 people charged and that the  court approved extension to investigate ends in  April

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Richard Charron

What is really astounding is that while the current "investigation" is ongoing that the Odebrecht company name is still on the list of approved vendors for these mega million dollar projects. It defies logic.

6 months ago
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