3 traffic deaths raise Chiriqui toll to 15

519Views 1Comments Posted 20/02/2017

THREE SEPARATE  weekend accidents in Chiriqui brought the highway death toll in the province this year to 15.

The driver of a taxi died, on the  Pan-American highway in the Straight of Gariché in the district of Bugaba. The young man whose identity is still unknown, lost control of the car and crashed into a tree.

Flor Estela Santos, 44  also died on the Pan-American, between the communities of Viguí and Tabasará, in a head on collision at Curva de Piedra Negra, in Tolé.

Truck driver Vericimo Vigil Aparicio, traveling  from Chiriquí Grande to the Fortuna Dam, lost control and and was killed. Vigil was carrying beer cases in the vehicle, officials said.

The National highway death toll is past 50, with Carnival only days away.

On the weekend a parade of trucks toured Panama  city carrying mangled cars in which people had died.