2nd 'hot photo' accused imprisoned

Perez, handcuffed and shackled

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THE ARREST of a second man accused of manipulating photos of a Russian exhibitionist look-alike to post images of Panama’s Attorney General on social media was legalized in a Panama court on Monday, January 21.

Like his fellow accused Chirica Juan Morales 34, in David, Rubén Peña Pérez,52,   was ordered held in preventive detention. to avoid the destruction of evidence

[caption id="attachment_93749" align="alignleft" width="300"] Natasha Rushkova[/caption]

The two are imprisoned for uploading to their networks photos of the Russian exhibitionist Natasha Ruskova photoshopped to look like the nation’s top prosecutor Kenia Porcell.

The Panama Court of Guarantees accepted the request of the Public Ministry to charge Pérez with psychological personal injuries.

His defense challenged the decision, and an appeal hearing will be held on January 28 after the WYD celebrations.

Peña Perez, a welder, and resident of 24 de Diciembre, in  Nuevo  Tocumen, was taken to court handcuffed and shackled.

Prosecutor Janina Muñoz said that the postings encouraged more people to spread the doctored images which denigrated and psychologically affected Porcell.

The defense attorney asked the judge for a different measure to detention, alleging that not only his client disseminated photographs, but a plural number of people.

The lawyer and journalist Juan De Dios Hernández said he believed that clarification from the Attorney General was enough, “but arresting two people and diverting the State's resources for something that does not make sense does not seem pertinent to me.”

The lawyer Angel Luis said a welder handcuffed hand and foot for copying public images from a public Twitter account. Were extremes measures to which we want to bring "justice"?.   He said that Mayín Correa [former Panama Governor and a two-term mayor of Panama City] there are 40,000 memes, glosses, jokes and other stories. Without doubting the respect she deserves, nobody has ever been imprisoned for distributing, forwarding or sharing photos, images or comments about her”! The victim is judge and party.