15,000 attend health census and free breakfast

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SOME 15,000 Panamanians over the age of 40 were scheduled to participate in an ongoing  Preventive Health Census carried out by the Social Security System(CSS) followed by a free breakfast on Saturday July 22.

The study which has already involved 185,000  people has revealed  that 35% suffer from high blood pressure, 13% from diabetes mellitus, 35.8% from dyslipidemia and 37.6% suffer from overweight / obesity.

On Saturday a mega-center was in operation at the Roberto Durán Arena with   over 2,000 administrative and health care officials  providing care. laboratory testing, nutritional and medical evaluation, in addition to medication delivery,

The activity started at 5:00 a.m. and participants had to avoid  eating food for the previous 12 hours. After the examinations, they were  offered a  free breakfast.

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Hope the free breakfast was low on salt, carb free and sugar free. In other words, tasteless. Seriously, this study is probably a good indicator of the health of the people in PC. Wonder how it compares with those outside the metropolitan area?Good work CSS!

2 years ago
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