$12.4 million for WYD temporary structures vs permanent assets

Campo Santa Antigua 2

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The $12.4 million allocated by the Ministry of the Presidency for temporary infrastructures for  World Youth Day (WYD) is similar to that paid for works that become assets for the country and its population reports La Prensa.

The Maracaná stadium, in the village of El Chorrillo, which is part of Cinta Costera 3, cost $8 million.

The model school Guillermo Endara Galimany, in Playa Leona, of La Chorrera, Panamá Oeste, cost $ 11.7 million. Another model school - the Republic of Costa Rica, in La Chorrera -was built for $13 million.

The Minsa Capsi de Pedasí, in Los Santos, cost $9.5 million. . and that of Burunga, in Arraiján, , $6.1 million.

Near the Transístmica highway, there is a building project (private capital) of 88 apartments, at a cost of $8 million.

The contract between the Ministry of the Presidency and the JMJ Santa María la Antigua Consortium  (integrated by Festieventos, SA, Magic Dreams Productions, Inc. and Password Production, SA) was the result of a public event. The order to proceed was delivered on August 22, 2018.

The sum to be paid includes the assembly and dismantling of the structures on   the Cinta Costera now called Campo Santa María la Antigua, and in the Metro Park area, in Juan Díaz, called Campo Juan Pablo II, and a series of technical and technological aspects. to

Ricky Ramírez, of Password Production, SA,  part of the consortium, said that they are in charge of all the infrastructures and the platforms are only one part. He said that the contract includes the placement of towers, ramps, fencing, technological equipment, energy generators, facilities with rooms and bathrooms, and all this involves human resources (personnel, salaries, and food) and other factors. Ramírez did not specify the cost for each line says La Prensa and it was not possible to obtain a breakdown of the costs through the Support Office of the Local Organizing Committee, and the specifications do not indicate the individual cost of the platforms.

The numbers that Panama manages for the organization of the WYD are very similar to those of other countries that have hosted it. In 2011, in Madrid,  according to the newspaper El Mundo, the cost was $57 million. In 2013,  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, $59 million was invested, and for 2016, in Krakow, Poland, $53 million.

The Local WYD  Organizing Committee estimated investment of approximately $54.5 million to finance the religious event.

The visits of the leader of the Catholic Church are expensive. The newspaper El Espectador, of Colombia, published that the visit of Pope Francisco, in September of 2017, represented an investment of $1.5 million on vehicles, security, and lodging alone.

Roberto Troncoso, former president of the Panamanian Association of Business Executives, said that every papal visit has its costs, since guidelines given by the Vatican must be followed, for the security of the Pope and the parishioners.

The president of the Panamanian Society of Engineers and Architects, Gustavo Bernal, said that beyond the cost, the safety of the structure must be seen. He said  that there are risk points that must be controlled, including the placement of 80 electric generators. He said there is concern in the society, because it is not the same to build a platform for shows, as for massive events. He said that they have not been invited to verify all the structures.

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I think it will be much more than $54 million. Think of all the costs not factored into this. What is so great about a day (or 2 or 3+) set aside for the YOUTH? What does that even mean?. How about a few days for the struggling in our society? These "utes" (of the Vinny Gambino hilarious phrase in My Cousin Vinny "two utes") will be contributing little to the Panama economy as tourists because they will mostly be placed with host families or in government sponsored hostels with probably free (to them) food and transportation for a big showing for the Pope. Saw a bunch of World Youth Day commemorative flags along the road -- hundreds of them. Can someone explain the upside to all this? Or is it to relieve the Pope's guilt by honoring the Utes as recompense for those molested by his church leaders over the years. Timing is quite coincidental. Someone commented that Panama should be so proud because the Pope chose it over all the other countries to honor one segment of the world population. As a secular member of society, proud is not the word I would use; foolish maybe; pompous, for certain.

5 months ago
Ramona Rhoades

What is that scaffolding like structure supposed to be? Grandstands? If so, what is all that metal underneath? Supports for the grandstand or whatever?

5 months ago

I agree. And the "pope mobile" was even flown here. Don't anyone tell me that organized religion (and especially the Catholic church) is anything but big business and control over the faithful.

5 months ago
Richard Charron

54 million dollars to host a religious event. It doesn't get more ridiculous when there are people on the streets who are starving.

5 months ago
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