10 years for $3 theft – political multi-million thieves walk free.

WHILE high profile members of the previous administration accused of stealing scores of millions walk free or receive bail and return to their luxurious mansions a State, a man was sentenced on Monday, December 3 to 10 years in Panama’s prison hellhole, La Joya. for the theft of $3,  reports TVN bringing back to life the old adage thatone might as well be hanged for a sheep as lamb.

The cause of his conviction?…  “to have exercised violence and intimidation leaving her without personal documents, her lunch box and the sum of $3  on November 21, 2017.”  The crime was perpetrated at a  school in the district of San. Miguelito.

The robber, Rajhiff Jhamal Delgado Peralta, took flight but was intercepted soon after by units of the National Police.

Delgado was also sentenced to the penalty of disqualification from public functions for a period of 10 years, after serving the main sentence. which was a penalty agreement signed on  November 29, and took into consideration acknowledgment of a previous offense.