Panama ready for first coronavirus  case - Cortizo

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Panama is preparing for the first patient infected with coronavirus in the country said  President Cortizo during a tour of the Ngäbe Buglé region on Saturday, March 7.

The epidemic has spread throughout the world, reaching 10 countries in the Latin American region, including Costa Rica and Colombia that are border nations with Panama.

 “What we have to do is prepare for when the time comes for patient one; be prepared as much as possible and that we continue life, ”said the president.

He argued that this will not be the first virus that arrives in the country and that if the percentage of influenza fatality is observed worldwide every year, it is much higher than the coronavirus.

“Don't be alarmed, life goes on. When it arrives we will inform; I will accompany Minister [of Health, Rosario Turner] at the press conference and we will tell the country. Hey ..! This is going to happen. ”

Cortizo acknowledged that the coronavirus will affect the economy of the country and that Panamanians will overcome this, as with other viruses.

Meanwhile , he said they will strengthen Panama's border with Costa Rica.

The Ministry of Health has reinforced sanitary prevention measures and reiterates that no cases have been reported to date in Panama.



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