Panama Pride Week -Breaking Barriers, Building Bridges

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Panama’s LGBTIQ + community will raise their flag in Plaza 5 de Mayo, on Saturday, June 1  to mark Pride Week this year called "Breaking barriers, building bridges".

At a Monday May 13 press conference community organizers  announced  “Strategic Alliances” with civil society organizations, companies, embassies and  government institutions to include the entire Panamanian family, announced on The Pride Week starts on Monday, June 24 and ends on Friday, June 28 with over two dozen  educational , cultural business and  social activities and the second Job Fair involving   only companies with inclusive policies participate. respectful of people's sexual orientation and gender identity say the organizers.

In 2019 there will also be the first festival of lesbian women: "LesboFest" in Casco Viejo and the illumination of the Monumental Hotel Concordia.

At 4:00 p.m. on June 29   the "Pride March in Panama", will  leave from  Calle 12 in Casco Viejo  to Plaza V Centenario

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