Panama couple on board coronavirus cruise ship

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A Panamanian couple both doctors are among the passengers confined on the Grand Princess cruise ship stranded in San Francisco ship,  where 21 people on board are confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 coronavirus.

They are prominent  cardiologist Daniel Pichel and  his wife Helen an anesthetist  Both say they are in perfect health  and awaiting  for what the US authorities decide reports TVN News

According to the AFP agency, a total of 46 tests were applied among passengers and crew members who showed symptoms, Just 71 days ago a 71-year-old man who disembarked from the ship  died from the virus

The vice president of the United States, Mike Pence, said that there is a plan to take the ship to a safe harbor in the next few days. " 21 of those people aboard the ship were positive for coronavirus, 24 were negative and one was inconclusive," Pence told a news conference at the White House. of the total, two patients are passengers and 19 crew members.

The alarm on the ship spread when a 71-year-old man who was traveling on that same ship, on the previous route, died when he got Covid-19. Upon learning of this death, the test was applied to 62 people who made that tour and who remained on the ship. Of these, 21 tested positive: 19 are crew members and two are passengers, US Vice President Mike Pence reported Friday, March 6.

The ship made a tour of Hawaii and Mexico. But when the Grand Princess had to disembark in Ensenada, Mexico, they were informed - without many explanations - that stop was canceled and that the next port would be San Francisco. 


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Oh ya

Who would ever get on a floating petri dish at the best of times nevermind now with this virus going around

5 months ago
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