Panama based fraudster back home to serve 22 years

The homecoming

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David Murcia Guzmán, who in his early 20’s cruised the streets of Panama in a Lamborghini and lived the high life while robbing thousand of investors in his DMG  pyramid scheme until he was arrested and deported to the US   to face trial and a nine-year jail term has been extradited to his native Colombia.

He arrived  on Tuesday morning, after being deported from the United States, after serving his sentence

serving a sentence of 9 years in prison.

Once in Colombian territory, he was received by immigration authorities of this country and placed under the orders of the corresponding authorities to face a penalty of 22 years in prison for aggravated asset laundering and massive and habitual collection of money.

"David Murcia will be transferred to special areas of Migration Colombia where the immigration control process will take place, registering his entry into the country, and verification, validating his full identity, as well as the arrest warrants against him," said Migración de  Colombia according to a report in El Tiempo.

Murcia’s lawyers  tried unsuccessfully in the US to prevent his deportation him and submitted two judicial appeals,

According to El Tiempo , "the defense of Murcia, is preparing its legal arsenal to achieve a reduction of the sentence for the 15months   he was deprived of freedom before being extradited  and also that he is forgiven part of the 9 years he paid in the United States.

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