Over 70,000 migrants have passed through Panama this year

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The Minister of Public Security, Juan Pino, reported Thursday, September 2, that a little more than 70.000 migrants have passed through the country so far this year. According to Pino, a "record figure."

The minister said that the migratory flow in 2020 was 8,500 and, in 2019, 22,100.

"Panama currently has a controlled migratory flow," in coordination with Colombia and Costa Rica said Pino, who supported this Thursday the institution's budget for the 2022 term in the Budget Commission of the National Assembly.

The official indicated that this year the increase in the number of migrants has been gradual; During the month of August alone, 25,273 migrants passed through.

"The Ministry of Security covers food, medical care, water service, electricity, installation of modular," he said.


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Previous articles have stated that the migrants come from Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela, among other places. They're heading to the USA.

3 months ago

Where are these migrants coming from? How do they get to PANAMA? WHERE ARE THEY GOING?

3 months ago
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