Outbreak of covid-19 in women’s prisons

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Figures published by the Penitentiary System on Friday, October 8, there are 108 active cases of covid-19 at the Women's Rehabilitation Center (Cefere).

On September 24, the entity registered 64 active cases, then on October 1, 87 and now, seven days later, the number reached 108.

It was reported that coordination with the Ministry of Health was carried out to provide the required attention to women deprived of liberty.

Currently, the number of active cases in the country's prisons reaches 136; 15 are reported in La Joya, 12 in Chiriquí, and 1 in the Pacora Custody Center.

Inmates who are positive are isolated and followed up.

On the other hand, the Penitentiary System reported Friday that 11,559 prisoners have at least one dose against the coronavirus, which represents 61% of the prison population.

It is specified that 5,757 already have the complete vaccination scheme.







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