Ombudaman's shelter report to UN, and prosecutor

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The Ombudsman Eduardo Leblanc will present a report on 44 government monitored child care shelters to the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on Tuesday.

Due to the distance and being an area of ​​difficult access, it was not possible to visit a shelter in the community of Kankintú, Ngäbe-Buglé region, but it will be visited soon and an independent report will be made.

The shelters report will also go to the Ministry of Social Development (Mides), to the National Secretariat for Children and Adolescents (Senniaf) and as a result of some issues, it will be transferred to the Public Ministry so that the Attorney General, Javier Caraballo can determine whether or not there was a crime.

"We believe that the most important thing is to ensure the interest of children who are in shelters, also a call to the population to avoid comments that may hurt children who surely already present a psychological issue due to all this information," said Leblanc.






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