OFF THE CUFF: Judge denies Martnelli "give me more" plees

AT HOME with his wife Marta, Martinell celebrated Father"s Day with a mariachi band

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ONLY Days after being transferred to the comfort of his luxury home,  from El Renacer where he enjoyed more benefits than his fellow prisoners, Ricardo Martinelli asks for more.

At his Tuesday trial hearing, the ex-president whose waistline belies an addiction to exercise became a born-again believer and asked the presiding the judge for permission to roam for exercise.

He got a quick response from judge Roberto Tejeira  who  denied the request and  suggested that the supermarket billionaire “Look for your treadmill or machines and take them to your  your home,”

Martinelli also wanted tp go to mass on Sundays and his days off from court hearings. That request was also denied by the judge: "

"Look for someone to do religious service in your house." where there is ample room for a confessional. Only  Martinelli owned  Panama America complained about the decisions.

On  Father's Day, the ex-president entertained his guests with a mariachi band. The next day in court he complained of high blood pressure

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