No impartial justice says spy trial witness

Guido Rogriguez

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The former news director of TVN Channel 2, Guido Rodríguez,  and current account prosecuto told, the trial court, that he received information, in 2013, about the intervention of an email when he was in charge of the news of the television station.

"I know that from the Presidency they sent people to hack the private communications of the people they had as their goal," said Rodriguez. who currently serves as the country's attorney general.

 These interceptions were directed, he said, to those considered them adversaries during the Martinelli administration. Among the targets were "not docile" journalists, he said.

According to Rodríguez, he participated in a shareholders meeting of La Prensa in 2012, and in that event, Martinelli said: "I do manage information on all of you" when questioning the editorial policy of the newspaper.

Rodriguez said he hoped that justice would be done and that "our administration" would do it. This, to say that it would be a "penalty" that this is achieved in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights since it is a violation of human rights.

Prior to Rodriguez's testimony, it was the turn of political leader Olimpo Sáez, who identified an email that was intercepted in 2012.

In the trial court, Saez said he questioned the country's justice. "Panamanian justice works very partially, often the powerful have resources and the people below have a lot of difficulties," he said.

According to him, "justice is on foot", so he does not consider that there is an impartial justice in all cases, not only the one that currently concerns former President Ricardo Martinelli  (2009-2014), who is accused of  invasion  of secrecy and right to privacy, and two forms of embezzlement

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