New migrant crisis building on Costa Rica border

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A NEW MIGRATION  problem is developing on Panama’s border  with Costa Rica, this time involving Venezuelans.

Between 77 and 150migrants  from the troubled South  American country  are stranded in the Paso Canoas area between Panama and Costa Rica.

Many of them were holders of tourist visas who went to Costa Rica to re-enter the country with updated documents.

Eduardo Gonzalez, a Venezuelan at the border, told La Prensa  he has spent 11 days in this area. He said that, during that time, he has approached the National Migration Service (MMS) window more than three times to present his papers, but Panamanian authorities do not let him

pass. "This situation is already worrying us, because more Venezuelans are coming to the area and

can not go to Panama, even though the money is running out, we do not know what to do and we cannot go back," Gonzalez said.

He said that many  have already been in Panama with relatives who are legal, "because the situation in Venezuela is unsustainable."

"We left Panama because that is what the law says, after staying six months we must re enter as a tourist,

Gonzalez asked for clarification from the Panamanian authorities.  Immigration officials have said that foreigners who go to Costa Rica to enter Panama again as a tourist will not be allowed in.

Mario Morales, a Panamanian who lives near the border, said that it appears as though another crisis is developing between Panama and Costa Rica.

A similar situation arose when Costa Rica refused to allow Cubans headed to the United States to enter the country.

Chiriquí Governor Hugo Méndez said that persons whose papers are not in order won't be allowed to enter Panama

Foreigners including North Americans living in Panama often go to Costa Rica for a short time to allow them to continue living in Panama.


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It looks like the Venezuelan people living in Panama do this every 6 months, they work, live, in Panama. Whith a turist visa and don't have a working permit. Crossing the border for just 24 hr to renew the permit in Costa Rica and reentering the country in just 24 hr is not normal. That the problem.

4 years ago

Are visitors from any other country who leave at Paso Canoas being refused readmittance? It sounds as if the rules are being changed for visitors from Venezuela.

4 years ago
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