Nationwide bad weather warning

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Panama’s Civil Protection Agency (Sinaproc) issued  a nationwide  warning of heavy rains, storms, and winds, on Sunday afternoon, December 8

The bad weather will affect the province of Panama, specifically in San Miguelito, Chepo and Chimán. The provinces of Panama Oeste, Colón, Coclé, Darién, Bocas del Toro and Chiriquí will also be affected

The notice extends to the North, Center, and South of the province of Veraguas and the Ngabe Buglé, Guna Yala and Emberá regions and the central provinces, Herrera and Los Santos.

Sinaproc said that, if high tides coincide with the rains, the levels of rivers and streams could be increased, causing the water to bounce and creating flooding in areas adjacent to coastal areas.

Light vessels were warned to check their safety equipment and use personal flotation devices

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