Mulino Promises to Restore and Strengthen the Nation

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As José Raúl Mulino prepares to assume the presidency of Panama, he has made public his plans to address two fundamental problems that he believes plague the country: the need to clean up its international image and strengthen republican institutions.  These commitments were reaffirmed during his speech at the Solemn Session of the Bolivarian Society, a commemorative event that underlined the historical importance of the Amphictyonic Congress of Panama. 


One of the central points of Mulino's speech was his promise to restore the Republican State in Panama.  He referred to the deterioration that this system has suffered in the country, characterized by a judicial system that, according to him, has been co-opted for political purposes.  Mulino highlighted that the politicization of justice has led to political persecutions and compromised the popular opinion, especially during the most recent elections.  “We are facing a judicial system that has lost its impartiality and efficiency, which deeply affects the reputation of Panama,” stated the president-elect.  The future Panamanian president indicated that it is essential to preserve, protect and promote the rules-based international system as an essential tool to maintain peace and promote development.  


Citing the influence of Simón Bolívar, Mulino stressed the importance of following the precepts of democracy and respect for human rights at the national and international level.  In his speech, Mulino also emphasized the need to combat corruption and restore trust in public institutions.  He pledged to implement strict measures to ensure that public and private commitments are met with full transparency.  “Panama must once again be an example of seriousness and compliance with the law,” said Mulino, emphasizing that his administration will not tolerate impunity or the misuse of public resources. 


He pledged to work closely with international organizations and other nations to promote peace and global understanding.  The president-elect concluded his speech by reaffirming his determination to recover the national prestige of Panama.  He thanked the Bolivarian Society for its constant work in remembering the historical importance of the Amphictyonic Congress of Panama, an event that, according to Mulino, serves as inspiration to strengthen the country's republican institutions.