Metro Line 1 hit by rush hour electrical fault

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Thousands of rush-hour travelers wearing face shields that became mandatory on public  transport on Monday May 17, had to wait until 9.30  am to access Metro   Line 1 which was closed by an electrical fault.

They had to use MiBus buses whose capacity had been increased by up to 80% (64 passengers).

 Meanwhile the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre. Was on TVN explaining  that in addition to the use of the face shield and the mask together, a campaign of do not speak, eat, or

drink in public transport is also maintained because the virus is transmitted by air. Sucre assured that it will be guaranteed that these biosafety measures are fulfilled and  warned that there will be sanctions for those who fail to comply. H said he has coordinated with the managers and with the MiBus and Metro teams, "in such a way that they will have surveillance." He said that the Police will also be vigilant and the Health team will constantly have personnel who will carry out tours so that everyone complies. Regarding the type of sanctions that will be imposed, he said that first of all they will be economic, and logically also the retention by the police authorities.

It is estimated that the use of a mask and face shield protects the risk of contagion of the covid-19 virus by more than 90%, when in public transport, according to the epidemiologist Arturo Rebollón.


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Oh ya, whilst I would agree that the virus is smaller than the pores in a mask, the virus doesn't float around the air on its own, it needs a carrier. The Covid-19 virus is carried on the droplets expelled from the nose and mouth which are much larger than the 3 micron limit of a mask. I would contend that the mask is much safer than people have been led to understand.

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Oh ya

Maybe the health Minister should research a little more about masks. The makers of the blue ones say they are for 3 microns and up and the CDC says Covid 19 virus is. 04 of a micron. So that means the masks are useless But let's not let truth get in the way

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