Martinelli’s  release from prison faces appeal

Homeward bound

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Former president Ricardo Martinelli returned to his home  under police escort  early Wednesday, June 12 instead  of to  El Renacer Prison where he  had been held since his extradition to Panama on June 11 last  year  to face trial for illegal wiretapping. which could  carry a sentence of  up to 21 years.

The decision was snnounced after an all night   wait while the three judges  overseeing his trial  debated his release.

After declaring that they were competent to deal with the request for a change of injunction, the judges  at 5 pm on Tuesday  announced that they would take a recess until 9:00 pm  However, the  decision was not announced until  5:00 am on Wednesday.

His release  from provisional detention includes several measures, including among them  house arrest;, cannot  leave the country; country, must deliver his passports (Panamanian and Italian); cannot approach or communicate with the victims; cannot comment on social networks or give  media interviews.

Martinelli ill be transferred by the National Police each time he goes to a hearing or has a medical appointment, which he must communicate in advance. his wife, Marta de Martinelli,  will be the guarantor of compliance with the measures.

It was a long night for the defendant, the defense, the prosecutors, the journalists who cover the  trial.

The judges will hear  appeals  by prosecutos against  his realease  and by the defense over the terms on Friday, at 10 a.m.


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George Klk

The U.S. | Martinelli House Arrest...(Makes His Move) Former President Ricardo Martinelli is released under house arrest. Martinelli confined to his residence surrounded by security men. Martinelli accusers are protected witnesses...(protected witnesses?) Martinelli at his residence now has a control center with easier access to his lawyers. Martinelli is an espionage master with spy equipment purchased with PAN...$14 million. Martinelli is under investigation for wire tapping and embezzlement in high profile cases. Martinelli lawyer obtained a foreign woman at his request for companionship at, El Renecer. Martinelli wanted to know the protected witnesses when at, El Renecer. Martinelli may know one protected witness when a witness took off hood in front of the Judge. Martinelli new resident control center will have access and new opportunities. Martinelli opportunities includes finding ways to silence witnesses accusations against him. Martinelli lawyers at his operation control center (privacy) may resolve the issue with lawyers. ---Protected witnesses will now fear for their lives and may not want to testify against him.--- Martinelli is now basically man ready for the next election campaign...corruption. Protected witnesses will now fear for their lives and may not want to testify against him. Martinelli is an espionage master and has a wide array of connections.

11 months ago
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