Martinelli fugitive sons get $2 million apiece bail deal

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The Second Superior Court of Justice granted bonds for not being detained, of two million dollars each, to brothers Ricardo Alberto and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares , as part of the investigation of the bribes that Odebrecht paid by Odebrecht in the country.

The decision of the Second Court, signed by María de Lourdes Estrada Villar and José Hoo Justiniani, repeals a ruling on January 10 of the twelfth criminal judge, Oscar Carrasquilla, who had denied the request for bail to the fugitives.

The brothers, charged with the alleged commission of the crime of money laundering, were imposed the precautionary measure to prevent them from leaving the country.

The sons of former president  Ricardo Martinelli face two requests for extradition and red alert from Interpol, within two judicial processes followed by the Public Prosecutor's Office: that of Odebrecht-Switzerland and that of Blue Apple, both regarding the payment of bribes to officials and relatives to the Martinelli government (2009-2014).

On December 4, 2018, the Martinelli brothers were benefited by a US judge with a bail of $ 1 million, after being arrested in November of that year for an immigration case.


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$2 million dollar bail? That is like giving a $30/day worker a $30 bail.

4 months ago
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