Martinelli  boasted of “dossiers on all” -  trial witness

Martinelli arrives at court

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TV  journalist Álvaro Alvarado testified on Wednesday, July 24  that in an interview with ex-president Ricardo Martinelli. on trial for illegal wiretapping, the ex-president said   he had a  dossier of  “all in the country”

The interview was on  May 19, 2014 days after the general elections  in which Panamenista leader  Juan Carlos Varela won

"I asked him:  'And if someone from Democratic Change, from the bench, who had been elected at that time, moves to Panamenista, what would happen?' The answer literally was: 'I  will revoke the mandate, and believe me revoke the mandate as two and two are four, and believe me I do have the dossier and the pedigree of all in this country’ "Alvarado said.







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