Many managerial positions filled by the inept – Archbishop

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The Archbishop of Panama, José Domingo Ulloa, focused the September 19,  message from the pulpit on the gift of leadership that must be understood as service.

Ulloa said that an organization, a company, a country, is consolidated and enjoys respectability to the extent that their heads have reached the position on their merits and have moral authority.

"Unfortunately, many managerial positions are held by inept people without a vocation for service and they are there because of family ties or to reciprocate favors," he said.

Power undermines the true sense of leadership that must be exercised based on the growth of the community, that is why whoever follows the path of ambition is not to be trusted, only finds a minimum satisfaction that goes through ambitioning more and more, according to a logic of the right and of merit.

He added that it is unfortunate that currently there is more discussion about power and not about national projects, they do not discuss where they are going, they do not think about where they have to go, they do not think about where they have to go together.

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