Lawyers  seek repeal of Varela  immigration decree

President Varela, nicknamed the tortoise" os rushing to catch up

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 Panama’s National Bar Association (CNA). has asked president-elect  Nito  Cortizo to  repeal an executive decree governing  immigration signed by President Varela a few days ago

Juan Antonio Kuan, second vice president of the CNA , said that they are worried about the decisions that are being taken in the last days that are left to the current administration.

At the beginning of the week, the President and Security Minister Jonattan Del Rosario signed the  Decree 249 of June 10, 2019, which establishes the procedure and requirements for foreigners to apply  for permanent residence

According to Kuan, in Panama, there have been a number of modifications that create an environment where there is no clear migration policy in the country.

 Indira Polo of the ANC Migration Commission said that they have been struggling for years with the decrees approved by the president, which she described as"unconscionable and illegal".

They do not doubt that something must be done for the people who have 10 and six years of the processes of immigration regulation, but they suggest that the proposals be sought and that the National Immigration Service should legislate.

Kuan said that, in the last 11 years, over 75   modifications, They wonder why the decree has been issued  by the government

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Virgil E Eaves Jr

Well said Brian O'Grady. It is more lousy coverage in a long, seldom broken line of lousy coverabe. On the other hand, at least there is some coverage...

5 months ago
Brian O'Grady

Good grief. After reading that"article" I have no idea what it is about. What immigration rules did Varela change? What impact will they have on applicants? What impact will they have on the country? Why does the ANC object? Come on... how about some journalism here!

5 months ago
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