Vigilantes kill Nicaragua Mothers Day protesters

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At least eight people were shot dead  by armed  groups in Managua and two in Estelí, Nicaragua during anti-government demonstrations that took place on  Mothers Day, in   Nicaragua.

According to the reports by La Prensa de Nicaragua, the protesters against the government of President Daniel Ortega were killed by groups using "precision weapons and with shots in the head".

Other Nicaraguan media reported that dozens of injured were treated in hospitals and health posts throughout Nicaragua.

American Univision reported that the demonstrations left 11 dead and 40 injured.

opponents of Daniel Ortega, are calling for  the advancement of elections

Amnesty International has documented attacks against Nicaraguan university students that left  11 dead, claiming that police had orders to “shoot to kill.”

The protests, led mostly by students, began on April 18, after a government reform that aimed to establish increases in the contributions of workers and employers to social security. Amnesty International in a  Tuesday, May 29, report said that the Nicaraguan authorities have adopted a strategy of repression, characterized by the use of excessive force and firearms with the use of vigilante groups.

Wednesday, May 30, was Mother's in Nicaragua and was celebrated by relatives of victims of the protests. in the largest organized civic demonstration in Nicaragua.

The Univision network reported that armed groups sympathetic to Ortega and members of the National Police repressed the crowds with firearms.

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michael grosser

Other than that, did you have a nice "Dia de Madre"?

Last year

If Ortega has his way.

Last year

Is Nicaragua turning into another "Venezuela"?

Last year
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