Tourist boat carrying 170 sinks

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A TOURIST boat carrying over 170 passengers sank on Sunday June 23 in the Antioquia reservoir about 68 kilometers from Medellin, Colombia a favorite destination for Panama visitors.

It sank  at the El Peñol dam Guatapé, a tourist site in north-west Colombia, for unknown causes, said the Colombian Air Force

The  sinking of the four-deck "El Almirante" was recorded  on a video that began to circulate on social networks and showed ozens of boats approaching the to rescue passengers and crew

"The situation seems to be serious," a source from the Antioquia governor told AFP.

People who had been rescued were transferred to the municipal hospital.

"Our aircraft and crews are ready and ready to evacuate the most serious requiring immediate attention, "the Air Force said.

There is  a large influx of tourists in the area because Monday is a holiday in Colombia

The mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutiérrez, announced the sending of a relief team led by A fire captain and five divers.


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Now we know the boat was NOT overloaded. Truth trumps speculation from people who were not there.

Last year
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[…] sinking was filmed by other boaters and  as shown on social […]

Last year

Not much different then third world airlines.

Last year
Richard Charron

One report I heard said that the boat was simply overloaded. I was on the same boat a few months back and I can tell you that safety or rules for passengers is but a distant concern. It is typical of the laissez-fair attitude which prevails in many parts of the world. The moral of the story is use your head before riding on boats, zip lines etc. when traveling, as issues of safety do not necessarily rise to the top of concerns equally around the world.

Last year
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