Student conference on Haiti set for May

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A hemispheric student conference on Haiti, “The Americas' Response”  first reported in Newsroom March 19, will take place in the Wyndham Veneto Hotel, Friday May 7.
It will be conducted, by a group of undergraduate political science students from the University of Louisville.
The 70 students have spent the entire Spring Semester representing "delegations" from 15 countries of the Americas, plus the Red Cross, and a group of Non-Governmental Organizations. Along the way they donated more than 100 hours for collection and distribution of donations for the Red Cross, and volunteered at UNICEF.

"Even with the  sometimes short-memory of the news media , and with the terrible quake in Chile, our delegates have worked hard to focus attention on the huge continuing needs of rebuilding Haiti and the welfare of the Haitian people," said Rolando "Roly" Roquebert, "chair" of the conference as "ambassador" of Haiti.

Admission to the conference is free, but students ask for voluntary donations of $5 per person and $3 for students to add to funds being donated to Haiti.
Student negotiators worked with Wyndham Veneto Hotel to secure there main sponsorship of the conference along with the University of Louisville. Among the other organizations providing planning and financial support were: Club Kiwanis Canal De Panama, Digicel, Panama (San Francisco) Lions Club; Panama Red Cross and Panama Star Tours.
Investment executive and former United Press International newsman Mark Scheinbaum, who teaches Political Issues in Latin America to the students Said: "The students ran with this idea the day the earthquake hit Haiti, and worked on resolutions on children's rights; violence against women; exile and security issues; food, education--even responding to the needs of the Chilean people in the midst of the Haiti relief effort. This is student-driven, and observers will be impressed with the level of work and real world recommendations."
Invitations have been sent to the Panama diplomatic corps, and other University programs in Panama.

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