OFF THE CUFF: Guatemala ministers flee to Panama

299Views 0Comments Posted 28/08/2015

AS GUATEMALA’S government crumbles, with the president facing impeachment and the Vice president in detention those who may be caught up in a giant customs fraud labeled La Linea, are looking for places to hide.

Panama which is counting its own outflow of people alreadyxunder criminal investigation, including former president Ricardo Martinelli, and others awaiting the knock on the door, has long been a haven for miscreants who call themselves political refugees.
According to Guatemalan media two former ministers of that country’s current government are already here.
The digital edition of Prensa Libre, and two other Guatemalan websites , say that Government, Minister Mauricio Lopez Bonilla and National Defenae Minister Manuel López Ambrosio. Are in Panama.
The Directorate General of Immigration in Guatemala hasalso confirmed the departure of the former ministers to Panama. Another publication, Digital Journal says the Minister of the Interior is also Panama bound.

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