Costa Rica flights resume after eruption

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COSTA RICA’S  principal airport near the capital, re- opened Tuesday. September 20 after a  near 24 hour shut down caused by a volcanic eruption.

Flights suspended  at Juan Santamaria,  began to resume soon after noon in a  "controlled manner."

Ennio Cubillo, director of the Civil Aviation Authority said that after hours of cleaning a layer of ash on the runway, they managed to clear the area for takeoff and landing as well as access to boarding bridges.

The closure followed a strong eruption of the Turrialba volcano.

The terminal, operators said that 61 flights scheduled for  takeoff and 52 scheduled to arrive were canceled following the emergency.

The Turrialba volcano, which is 36 kilometers from the capital, sent debris  4,000 meters  into  the air on Monday  dispersing ash over a wide area.

Ash fall caused the suspension of classes in some schools

Local television showed images of schools covered with ash , with teachers and students forced to wear masks.

Ash was carried  the coastal city of Puntarenas, on the Pacific, more than 100 kilometers from the capital.

Turrialba’s last eruptive cycle began in October 2014 and has since been producing frequent eruptions that have affected farms, livestock and flights.

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CO2 just went off the scale. What to do; what to do? So much for all the taxpayer money spent for "carbon neutrality". When will these tree huggers accept that Nature will trump any menial efforts of Man? Nature will make a big doo-doo (just to prove she can) and then will clean it up when She's good and ready ... Man be damned!

2 years ago
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