Latest haul brings Senan  drug seizures to over 21 tons

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Three Colombian narco-traffickers were  arrested and 1,055 kilos of cocaine seized in a joint operation between the National Naval Air Service (Senan), and the United States Coast Guard on Wednesday, May 27.

The drugs were being transported in a boat about 30 nautical miles from Isla Grande, in the Colon province.

Figures from the Senan reveal that until April, 21.4 tons of drugs had been seized.


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Yea Joe, No need for your potty mouth. Sometimes our children read this.

Last year

Yes Joe, a lot of people care about cocaine, the people that care are the ones that are victims of crimes to support a coke habit, babies being born deformed from their mother's use of it, wars and untold body counts from men fighting to control it and sale it. so it's not a question of who cares what another person does, cocaine is a destroyer of human lives both users and non users. it surly helped the aids virus spread all around the world and filled our jails and grave yards. now weed doesn't do any of that. but coke is another story. crack and meth.

Last year
Oh ya

No need for potty mouth joe

Last year

Does anyone really give a fuck about cocaine? Really...who cares? Do it. Don't do it. Smoke pot. Don't smoke pot. WHO FUCKING CARES!!

Last year
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