Judges dismissal of high profile embezzlment suspects under appeal

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Controversial Judge Leslie Loaiza, renowned for his dismissal of corruption  cases against high profile suspects  has  acquitted five involved  in  alleged embezzlement in a   National Aid  Program (PAN)  $44.9 million dehydrated food  program

The anti-corruption prosecutor Adecio Mojica announced that he will appeal Judge Loaiza's ruling.

The hearing began at 9:00 am on Monday, December 16 and ended at 3 am on Tuesday

The judge acquitted Giacomo Tamburrelli and Ángel Famiglietti , former director-general and former director of Nutrition of the PAN, of s embezzlement. Famiglietti was also acquitted of ideological falsehood.

Rubén De Ycaza , owner of Lerkshore International -a provider of dehydrated food-, was acquitted of embezzlement, and  fraud in acts in public contracts was

Lucy Molinar and Federico Suárez, former ministers of Education and Public Works, respectively, were also acquitted. Both were prosecuted because as ministers of state, they were part of the PAN board of directors when the contract with Lerkshore was approved.


“ It’s 3 am The judge has just passed sentence. There are no culprits, there is no crime. The Public Ministry, after 18 hours, has not presented a document, a witness, a test, nothing, ”said Molinar, in a video she shared on her social networks.

Adolfo Chichi De Obarrio, former private secretary of ex-president Ricardo Martinelli was also investigated. He has never personally appeared in the process and his whereabouts are unknown, and a  search and arrest red alert was issued through Interpol.

Loaiza had already issued a dismissal in favor of those involved in the case - except Tamburrelli and De Obarrio - but in December 2018, the Second Superior Court overturned his decision and called all the investigators to trial.

This is the second contract that is investigated for the purchase of dehydrated food through the PAN.

The Sixteenth Criminal Court is handling a  process for a contract of $14.1 million, also awarded to Lerkshore.

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