Judge files disciplinary complaint against Martineli lawyer

Judge Harry Díaz was the prosecutor of Ricardo Martinelli's process until the intermediate phase

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Supreme Court Judge  Harry Diaz , has presented, a disciplinary complaint against Roniel Ortiz, before the Court of Honor of the National Bar Association (CNA).

Díaz - who presented the action personally on Wednesday, August 21 - supports the complaint of the alleged slander and disrespect that Ortiz has expressed against him, in different media.

Ortiz is a lawyer for former president Ricardo Martinelli, for whom Díaz - acting as a magistrate - asked for a sentence of up to 21 years in prison for alleged political and peculated espionage. Martinelli was declared "not guilty" and the formal reading of the sentence is scheduled for August 26.

On August 14, in an interview with Telemetro, Díaz reported having been subjected to an extortion attempt by former president Martinelli's lawyers, during the wiretapping trial. Subsequently, Martinelli's spokesman, Luis Eduardo Camacho, filed a criminal complaint against Díaz before the National Assembly, for the alleged commission of the crime against public administration, in the form of crime against public servants and against a judicial servant.


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