Jailed Revenue boss moves to house arrest

1,228Views 3Comments Posted 31/10/2020

Luis Cucalón,  the former head of the General Directorate of Revenue (DGI),  who spent two years avoiding trial for corruption by remaining in a high-end hospital  will finish his 86 month jail term under house arrest

His lawyer Ángel Calderón said that, after 72 months of detention in the case of Cobranzas del Istmo, Cucalón applied for a different classification for which a Compliance Judge agreed, later an appeal was filed by the Public Ministry (MP), which went to the Superior Oral Court.

That court, Calderón explains, agreed with the first instance and ordered the  transfer of  Cucalón to his residence so that he could be in " better conditions ."

According to his lawyer, Cucalón has  multiple chronic medical symptoms, the most serious being a grade 3 chronic lung disease, and if his client contracted  covid-19 while in detention, "it would be a death sentence ."

The process to achieve the change of detention began in November 2019.