Investigation of  Martinelli era  scam continues

Fugitive Adolfo De Obarrio, former Martinelli sidekick

664Views 0Comments Posted 05/10/2019

The Second Superior Court has  revoked, at the request of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, two incidents of nullity that had invalidated the inquiries of 31 suspects  in the multi-million dollars  grains  scam  of the National Assistance Program (PAN)

 With the  ruling of the Second Court, the decision of the Fifteenth Criminal Court that annulled the inquiries into the former Minister of Economy and Finance, Frank De Lima and  fugitive, Adolfo De Obarrio former private secretary of former president Ricardo Martinelli and 29 other people followed by a process for the alleged illegal acquisition of grain through the National Aid Program(PAN).

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