Google building 1000, km cable extension to Panama

1,709Views 0Comments Posted 14/11/2019

The Google technology giant plans  a 1,000 kilometers submarine cable  extension called “Curie” to Panama to improve connectivity

Christian Ramos, Google's representative for Latin America,  said on Thursday. November 9 that the adaptation of the extensive infrastructure will take about a year.

he first phase of this wiring goes from Los Angeles, in the US to Valparaíso, in Chile. Once installed, it will benefit more than 700 million Internet users.

Panama President, Laurentino Cortizo, said that the connection ill brings benefits to citizens, not only in cybernetics but will be a new source of employment generation resulting in the reduction of poverty and inequality gaps.

“ It will help our companies be much more competitive. The more connected our communities are, the more opportunities they have,” said the president.

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