“Good government”  flirts with bad habits

PROTESTING public servants

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A decision of the Ministry of the Presidency. to postpone the competitions to fill administrative positions  has re-ignited fears that public service appointments are rewards for political support

A resolution published in the Official Gazette on July 9 also enables institutions to make interim appointments 

Osvaldo De la Guardia Boyd, director of the Administrative Career, said the resolution that the Manual of Procedures for Recruitment and Selection of Human Resources in the Panamanian Public Sector was not approved by the technical board.

David Montenegro, who served as director of Administrative Career in the last government, warned that the new provisions violate the Law of Administrative Career and open the possibility that the institution is used to pay political favors, a practice that, according to some, is every five years.

It was pointed out to civil society representatives that the resolution does not specify until when the suspension of the contests will apply. They fear that appointments will be used as political rewards.

Resolution number 39, which has the signature of  Osvaldo de la Guardia new director of Administrative Career,Boyd, appointed by President  Laurentino    Cortizo, , resolves that the contests will not be held until there is a technical regulation of recruitment and selection of human resources "duly approved".

The document does not indicate the period in which the regulation will be made or until what date the contests will be postponed.

On the other hand, the Directorate authorized interim appointments, provided that the persons meet the minimum requirements indicated in the Manual of Occupational Classes.

David Montenegro who served as director of the Administrative Career in the past period. He said that the  self named "good government" will use the appointments as a prize for its supporters - "good for them, but disastrous for Panama."

In May of this year, Montenegro told La Prensa that when taking office in 2014, they found that it had been used by the government of Ricardo Martinelli (2009-2014) to dismiss officials.

Former independent  presidential candidate Ana Matilde Gómez  warned that "a verification space should not become permanent," because it could prevent this government from fulfilling one of its campaign promises.


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