Ex Minister and wife called to trial

Ferrufino became tearful at an earlier hearing

FORMER MINISTER of Social Development Guillermo Ferrufino and his wife Milena Edith Ferrufino Vallarino  are heading to trial on charges of unjustified enrichment.

The decision was passed  down on Tuesday, April 19 by Eleventh Criminal Judge Eduardo De La Torre López who concluded that, based on the evidence submitted by prosecutors, the couple could not justify the amount of money that they accumulated  while  in office.

An audit of the former minister’s finances concluded that he had spent some $3.4 million during his term, while his income was $1.1 million. Ferrufinfo, who had a playboy image and at one time had presidential ambitions, flaunted his new real estate acquisitions on social media.

He has been in a cell in Police headquarters since March 2015 and is under investigation for two other outstanding offences related to corruption. Judge López  denied a request for Ferrufino’s release

T he judge decided to dismiss temporarily charges against several family members of the former minister,including Miguel Angel Herrera Marcos, Martha Elyna Herrera Marcos, Gaston Enrique Regis Ramos and Roberto Delgado Augusto Herrera.

Defense attorneys have claimed that the audit was performed by “inexperienced” professionals.

The judge also allowed prosecutors to investigate Fotis Lymberópulos, a friend of the former minister, for crimes against public administration. In a case  related to the rental of helicopters by the ministry.