Gas prices continue downward spiral

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AS WORLD oil prices continue to fall fuel prices  in Panama are dropping in tandem

The National Secretariat of Energy reports that on Friday, August 5

95 octane gasoline will go down 0.048 cents per liter and 91 octane will go down 0.039 cents per liter; while diesel will drop 0.047 cents per liter.

In the city of Panama and Colon 95 octane gasoline will cost $0.668 cents per liter, gasoline 91 octane will cost $0.650 cents per liter and low sulfur diesel $ 0.539 cents a liter.

Currently, prices in Panama and Colón stations are at $2.62 a gallon for 95 octane or 0.716 cents per liter, while 91 octane is $2.50 a gallon or 0.689 cents per liter. The diesel is sold at $ 2.13 a gallon 0.586 cents per liter.


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