Fugitive sons bolt hole  blocked

The would be escape route

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The odds of the fugitive sons of ex-Martinelli escaping US justice through a bolt hole in what their father once called  “A  den of thieves” got longer on Saturday, July 25 after the  Deputies of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) in the Central American Parliament (Parlacen) announced that they oppose the swearing-in of the brothers as alternate deputies in the regional talk box.

“It is our criterion to oppose the swearing-in of Messrs. Ricardo Alberto Martinelli Linares and Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares, at a time when the jurisdictional authority intervenes since it does not favor the desired transparency that the Central American Parliament must have as a profile; taking care that the correct actions of its members are worthy and honorable for the position of Central American Deputy, "said the statement from the PRD bench.

Among the points in the statement carried by the signature of Amado Cerrud,  coordinator of the caucus, it is indicated that Parlacen has been making efforts so that the actions will benefit the Central American population, "this means ignoring any action that generates distrust in the population that we represent.

"We categorically reject that the body is used or is intended to be used as a tool of judicial deviation and that the prerogatives are used for purposes other than merely parliamentary functions," says the bench note.

The only independent deputy had already  announced that he would not support the swearing-in

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Ancon Harpy

Inasmuch as these guys were out on bail in the U.S. wouldn’t their passports have been confiscated? What airline flew them out? Would they not have been on a no fly list?

Last month

The weak link in the apparatus are the peison guards and low level police. They earn poverty wages and with a few hundred thousand could easily disappear into Honduras or Nicaragua and live like kings. The Martinelli boys could slip out on a private boat or plane to a more lenient jurisdiction. Their mistake is thinking they can win after the FBI is involved. For less than the cost of their future legal fees they can escape and be sipping margaritas with a Marguerite on their lap! Wise up boys it's the third world, play to it's weaknesses.

Last month
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